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Things you should know about Ransomware

Since 2015, Ransomware has become the worst nightmare for computer users. This malware was spread out and attack millions of computers around the world. Ransomware is a dangerous computer malware that every users must aware of. But, there are many ransomware prevention that we can do. Here we have some useful information you must know about this nasty malware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that lock data on victim’s computer by encrypting it. In return, the payment is demanded in order to retrieve the data (decryption). Usually, the ransomware give a time limit before the data become unusable forever. Payment is often demanded in virtual currency, Bitcoin, so the identity of the cybercriminal remain anonymous.

ransomware preventionHow Ransomware spread ?

There are many ways that used by Ransomware to spread and replicate it self. The previous version of Ransomware uses email attachment. Some variants uses infected software apps, external storage, and compromised website. Some security company reported that the new version of Ransomware uses remote desktop protocol to spread.

The most dangerous Ransomware variants

As noted by some security vendor such as TrendMicro, WannaCry and Cryptolocker is the most popular crypto-ransomware types that destroy millions of data worth millions of dollars. But, this does not mean that the other variant is not dangerous. This malware targeted .DOC, .XLS, .JPG, .ZIP, .PDF and many other common files.

The WannaCry variant was spread via malicious Dropbox URLs embedded in spam. This malware exploiting the un patched vulnerability in SMB Server. Tha’t why WannaCry resulting the biggest ransomware attack to date. Many countries alerted by this attack.

Ransomware Prevention Tips ?

A. Backup your data in regular base

Actually, there are many things we can do to stay away from Ransomware. Many ransomware prevention practice can be done by most end user and IT professional. The first and the most important thing that should be taken is always make backup of your important files. There are many good backup tool that can secure your data in case of ransomware and virus attack. When you have regular backup, it is easier for you to restore the data if anything happen to your computer.

B. Install Anti Ransomware or Anti Malware software

There are bunch of anti ransomware or antimalware program available out there. You can choose from free to paid version. Here are some recommendation from regarding the good anti Malware/anti ransomware for Windows.

C. Stay alerted

This is might be the most important way to keep yourself away from malware attack.

  • Email Attachment – Never click attachment from someone that you don’t know on your email, unless you are really sure. Many malware spread via email attachment.
  • Update your software/OS – Keep your computer (Windows) up to date by enabling automatic update. Also, make sure your application/software also up to date. Spend some times to update all your applications to apply bug fixes and security patches.
  • Download software from trusted sources – Never install cracked software. Only download and install it from the official website of the software publisher to minimize malware. Many malware reside in the cracked software.

Final Thoughts

Malware is a scary thing. But, we don’t have to be paranoid. There are several practice for Ransomware prevention. With good computing behavior, regular backup and install anti malware program on your computer you should be safe from Malware attack. Spend some money to invest on Anti virus and Anti Malware program, its worth it. Your data is more valuable. Also, in case of ransomware attack, never pay any money to the ransomware. There is no guarantee that they will return or decrypt your data upon payment you made.


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