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Acronis Backup Cloud 2017 – Powerful Cloud Backup Solution

Switch to the new cloud backup technology with Acronis Backup Cloud. Need a powerful and reliable cloud backup? Try Acronis Cloud Backup, a well known cloud backup provider on the net that offers a scalable and flexible operational cost saving. If your company or business still uses the traditional backup ways, you may want to consider cloud backup for better protection and cost effective.

The Acronis cloud backup feature is now integrated with Acronis True Image software. Inside the main software you can choose to store your backup to cloud with additional cloud storage cost. Each Terrabyte of cloud backup cost about $39.99, its not too expensive is we consider how important the cloud backup for your business.

Acronis Backup Cloud Key Features:

  • Multiple location support. You only need one solution to backup multiple projects or locations.
  • Reliable. Acronis Backup Cloud is claimed to be used by more than 500,000 business worldwide
  • Safe. Its powered with CloudRAID data protection feature.
  • Complete. No matter what kind of system you may have, Acronis Cloud Backup covers them all including Physical Computer/Server, Virtual Machines, Data, Applications, Mobile devices and even more.

Acronis Backup Cloud Review

Even though Acronis has its own downsides, it has been working relatively well. Therefore, what is Acronis Authentic Image Cloud and exactly how really does it perform? Is the service ideal for both individuals and businesses? Acronis True Image is a drive imaging cloud service that has been operational for over a decade now. Unlike most cloud solutions that simply offer data safe-keeping, Acronis True Image is definitely essentially optimized for devastation recovery in case of data damage.
In addition to unrestricted backup at USD 99 per year, the Software solution also offers syncing between linked devices, and comes with additional alternatives to customize your details and jobs.

Actually, over 47% of organizations are already leveraging cloud backup solutions like Acronis, as a disaster management and recovery strategy. But just how big should an organization be to use Acronis? Technically, suitability of Acronis as a backup solution depends on your overall THAT framework. A mid-sized organization with a huge selection of employees relying on 5 servers intended for instance, could comfortably leverage Acronis’ biggest package, which gives unlimited backup to a few computers and 15 mobile phone devices.


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