How to add Amazon S3 account to Cloudberry Backup

Cloudberry is a great backup software that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. On this tutorial, we will show you how to connect Amazon S3 to Cloudberry Backup application. Before you proceed to this tutorial, I recommend you to read: Cloudberry Backup Review first. There are many cloud storage that Cloudberry support. One of the most popular is Amazon S3 storage.

How to connect Amazon S3 to Cloudberry

I assume you have downloaded and installed Cloudberry backup software on your computer. And also, you must have Amazon S3 account ready prior to this setup.

What you will need ?

  • Amazon client ID and client secret
  • Cloudberry Backup desktop application

First, open Cloudberry Backup and find the Storage Account tab. Click + button to add a new cloud account.

As you can see on the animated picture above, you will need to enter your Amazon S3 client access credentials.

connect Amazon S3 to Cloudberry

Once successful, you can see your Amazon S3 content from Cloudberry App. Next, you can configure your backup and save them in your Amazon S3 storage.

So that’s it, thanks for reading this tutorial how to connect Amazon S3 to Cloudberry Backup solution. See you on the next tutorial. Cheers.

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