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Things you should know about Backblaze Cloud Backup

Backblaze is a well known online backup service (it’s not only provide backup software but also storage for your backup). They have been operating since 2006/2007. They offers unlimited backup plan at very low cost. You can store your backup without any space limitation at $5 per computer per month. It’s can be even cheaper if you subscribe more than a year upfront. How good is Backblaze Backup? On this article we will try to give a detailed information about Backblaze services, performance, pricing, etc.

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Backblaze Backup Features

There are some main features that offered by Backblaze

  • Unlimited storage
  • File versioning
  • Full disk backup
  • Windows and Mac client
  • Continuous backup
  • More info

Pricing and Plans

Backblaze is available in two different plans, Personal and Business Backup. But we will only cover the personal plan only. We will write another review for Backblaze Business edition next time. For each computer your will need to pay $5 per computer per month. This includes unlimited backup storage.

How to get started

Create a free account at Backblaze website to activate 15 days free trial. You can also purchase it directly from here. Log in to your new account and download Backblaze control panel for Windows or Mac. Unfortunately, there is no Linux version. Install Bacblaze Control Panel

The installation will take few moments. It will automatically connected with your Backblaze account and it will configure the backup automatically.

Once Backblaze is installed, it will perform a quick scans of your hard drive for any supported file types (documents and media files). The backup will immediately without any user intervention. You won’t be able to select specific folders to backup. This is the simplest way to backup all of your data on your computer. The Backblaze client will automatically set any connected hard drives and external hard drive to the backup list.

The first backup will take more time. It can take up to 1 week or more depends on how big your data is. The backup will continue in the background without needed any user intervention. You may change some settings but it’s limited to several sections such as backup scheduling, security and hard drive selection.

Restoring Process

When comes into restore, personally I don’t like how Backblaze handle the restoration process. There is now possible way to preview the file before restoring them. We can only use the web interface to select files to restore. The Backblaze client can’t do much when dealing with restore.

Bottom Line

Backblaze Backup is a true automatic backup solution. There are not many things you can do to modify your backup scenario. The combination between unlimited storage and some other features are great for novice users. But, for advanced users, Backblaze might not suitable.

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