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Bitcan Cloud Backup – A Fast and Reliable Cloud Backup

Looking for a fast and reliable cloud backup for your computer? Try Bitcan Cloud Backup service, a low cost cloud backup strategy for your business. Bitcan is a cloud backup for several SQL databases such as MySQL, MongoDB. Not only that, Bitcan can also be used to backup files from Linux and Windows computer. You may haven’t heard about Bitcan and now we will get through their great services.

Why Bitcan Cloud Backup ?

There are several reasons to try Bitcan for your cloud backup friend.

A. It’s a cloud based backup

Yes, Bitcan offers a web based management console where we can add new backups to our databases, restore and backup scheduling. All those tasks can be done in a nice web based management console.

cloud backup solution

B. Support Linux and Windows Backup

Bitcan can be used to backup MySQL Database, MongoDB and also we can use their service to backup from Windows and Linux system to the cloud. We can easily backup files and directories from our Linux or Windows machine to the cloud using special Agent.

Bitcan Cloud Backup

C. Backup MySQL and MongoDB to the Cloud

If you have multiple MySQL servers or MongoDB, you can use Bitcan to backup your databases regularly. The automatic regular scheduling system works flawlessly. Simply add your MySQL Server and Bitcan will do the rest. Its very simple

D. No Complex Software needed

You don’t have to download and install Backup client which sometimes a bit complex for new users. We only need to download Bitcan agent on Linux or Windows and then the backup process can be managed through web interface.

Get Yours Now

First, you will need to register at Bitcan website. You will get 30 days free access to the cloud backup. You can test the features, performance of their backup services right away.

Register Now and get 30 days free Trial Full Features

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