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How to backup MySQL Database using Uranium Backup 9 Full Version

This tutorial is going to show you how to backup MySQL Database using Uranium Backup 9. The new version of Uranium Backup provide a simple way to backup MySQL database, SQL Server database, file and folder backup and many more. But here, we will cover the MySQL Database backup only. For your information, you can download Uranium Backup 9 Free version and then activate the Full Version trial for 21 days free.

Uranium Backup can be used to backup MySQL Database and store it on local disk or Cloud service such as Google Drive. This tutorial will backup MySQL to local disk. We will show you how to backup MySQL and save the backup in Cloud Service on the next post.

Steps to backup MySQL Database using Uranium Backup 9 Full Version

Download and activate Uranium Backup Full Version

First, you may want to download Uranium Backup 9.4 free version. Then, activate full version trial using provided button on the main window.

Now from the main window, click the link text that say: Click Here to add MySQL/MariaDB backup. It will open the backup wizard. First, we need to configure the MySQL/MariaDB connection.

Enter the MySQL Server IP address, username, password and port. Make sure you test the connection afterward. You should see the following notification when the connection is working.

Select Databases

Click Next to proceed to the next step. Select which databases to backup. You may backup a single database or multiple databases.

Provide the backup file path to save the backup. You can also set to compress the file if you want. Click OK to complete the wizard.

backup MySQL Database using Uranium Backup

Additionally, we can set the scheduling and some other options from the main menu. Click Run to run the current task/job. Uranium Backup will perform backup on the background. You can check or monitor the progress from the taskbar.

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