How to run MongoDB Virtual Appliance on VMWare Workstation

MongoDB is a free and open source cross platform document oriented database software. MongoDB also known as a No SQL database. This database software can be installed on most operating system such as Windows and Linux. We can easily install this NoSQL database on Windows and Linux. Also there is another easy way to have this most popular NoSQL database running on our network, using MongoDB virtual appliance. One of the most popular appliance is the Bitnami MongoDB virtual appliance. This tutorial will guide you how to run MongoDB Virtual Appliance on VMWare Workstation.

Steps to run MongoDB Virtual Appliance on VMWare Workstation

Step 1. Download and install VMWare Workstation

If you have installed VMWare Workstation on your computer, skip to the next step.

Step 2. Download Bitnami MongoDB Virtual Appliance

This appliance is distributed as OVF format which supports VMWare Workstation or Oracle Virtualbox. You can download the OVF file from this link.

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Step 3. Run the Virtual Appliance

Open VMWare Workstation and then go to File | Open. Browse to the OVF file you’ve downloaded from the step above.

Next provide the virtual machine location.

MongoDB virtual appliance

Wait few moments until the import process is finished. Once imported, we can Start the new MongoDB virtual machine that just created. This appliance is built on top of Debian Linux. Following are the login details:

Default console access:

Username: bitnami
Password: bitnami

If you access the console, you will be asked to change the password on the first login attempt.  In my case, I could not start or login via SSH to the appliance. I am still working around to fix this issue. But overall, our MongoDB Virtual Appliance is now up and running on our network.

Check MongoDB Version

Use this command to check the MongoDB version

mongod –version

Output sample

Connect to MongoDB Database

mongo admin –username root -p

The default user for MongoDB is root and password: bitnami.

OK for now and we will post more about MongoDB and other database system in the future. Cheers.

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