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Duplicate Finder 4.4 – Powerful Duplicate File Finder for Windows

Finding duplicate files manually on your PC is a hard work and time consuming. But thankfully there is a special Duplicate Finder application that will help us to scan and find duplicate files automatically. Introducing Duplicate Finder 4.4, a powerful, easy to use duplicate file finder for Windows. The Duplicate Finder Full Version brings the latest technology to scan, compare files in your computer quickly. With this program, we can easily find duplicate files, songs, photos and any other kind of files.

Duplicate Finder Full Version 4.4 Features:

  • Powerful search engine for fast file checking capabilities
  • Full binary (byte by bite) file comparison for better accuracy
  • CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check) capability

Install Duplicate Finder on Windows 10

Download the latest version of Duplicate Finder from this link. After that, double click the installation file. In some cases, you will get the following notification on Windows 10. Simply click More Info and click Run anyway.

Once installed, you can start using this program to find any duplicate files on your computer.

How to use Duplicate Finder

Now we will show you an example to find duplicate files on a folder. You can scan the entire drive if you want, but here we will use a folder to scan for duplicate.

Step 1. Select folder or drive you want to scan for duplicate files. Click Add button to add the folder or simply drag the folder to the right side (include to scan area). Do this step again if you want to add another folder. Click Remove button to remove the folder.

Step 2. Specify the file type. If you leave the default value, the program will scan any kind of files. But you can specify for example you want to scan only for .JPG file.

Step 3. Click Start to start scanning your folders. The scanning process will take some times depends on the number of files in your directory.

Once completed, you will see the scanning result displayed on screen.

Cleaning Process

So now, we have many duplicate files found. What should we do next? There are several options we can do to the duplicate files. For example, we can remove, move and also rename the files. Duplicate Finder full version provide unlimited files processing.

Another good thing to try is the assistant mode where we will be guided by the assistant to perform further actions to the duplicate files.


Duplicate Finder 4.4 is a great tool to find duplicate files. Its advanced technology helps us to find duplicate files and take further actions to them. The assistant mode is very helpful. So I will recommend this software to you who needs to clean up your computer from duplicate.

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