How to use DBAN for hard disk data destruction

DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke) is probably the best free tool for data destruction available on the net. This tool is the best for hard drive data destruction purposes. If you know this tool, you can download the latest version of DBAN from the link we provided below. On this post, we will guide you how to use DBAN for data destruction. We will show you how to wipe the entire hard disk. DBAN works outside the operating system. So, it supports Windows, Linux, Mac and others.

Please note that this tool will wipe your data and it’s almost impossible to recover the data afterward. Please ensure you have backup your data. We do not responsible for any data loss. 

How to use DBAN for hard disk data destruction

Step 1. Download DBAN

Click this link to download the DBAN ISO file from Sourceforge.net. Save the ISO file to your download directory. The file size is about 15 MB. It shouldn’t take long to complete.

download dban iso

Step 2. Burn the DBAN ISO

DBAN is distributed in ISO file. You will need to burn it to a CD or create bootable USB drive. Once the download is finished, you need to burn the ISO into a CD. You can use your favorite disk burning software. Alternatively, you can try to use Rufus, a free tool to create bootable flash disk from Windows. It’s a great tiny tool.

Step 3. Restart and Boot to DBAN using CD or USB Disk

Set the first boot to CD ROM or USB flash disk. You can set this option from the computer BIOS.

Step 4. Start Using DBAN

On the first DBAN boot screen you will see the following screen.

wipe disk using dban

Press F2 to learn more about DBAN, F3 for list of command, F4 to read the RAID Controller, Press Enter to start in interactive mode and type autonuke to start in automatic mode. On this tutorial, we will use the interactive mode. So, on the first screen simply press Enter.

Step 5. Select Disk to Wipe

On the next step, you will need to select which drive you want to wipe.

how to use dban to wipe hard disk

Use the Spacebar to select the disk.

Step6. Wipe process

Press F10 to start the wipe process. The wipe process will started and it will take some times to complete.

how to use dban for data destruction

Upon completion, you will see the following success notification.

OK now your hard drive is completely wiped and there is no more content inside it. You can then install new operating system on it or you may have another plan for it. Thanks for reading this how to use DBAN to erase hard disk. Cheers

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