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Full System Backup with Acronis True Image 2018

The new Acronis True Image 2018 Full Version is here. This is the best, the most user friendly backup solution for personal. Moreover, Acronis True Image 2018 also suitable for Enterprise Backup Solution. The new 2018 version brings a radical improvements to it’s main user interface and also many technology behind this backup software. Acronis True Image 2018 has won many awards from many organizations or review website. Here we will show you how to perform a Full System Backup with Acronis True Image 2018.

There are many backup types you can choose. You can backup the entire system including applications and data. Or, you can choose only files and folders to backup. Acronis True Image supports various backup destinations including Acronis Cloud storage, local disk and also external disk. Unfortunately it lacks Amazon S3 storage direct supports.

Steps to create Full system backup with Acronis True Image 2018.

Step 1. Open Acronis True Image 2018

Step 2. Create a new backup

Go to Backup section and select Entire PC from the source and select the destination for the backup as well. You can choose to store the backup in the Acronis Cloud, local hard drive or external hard drive.

You may sign up to get 1 TB cloud storage for 30 days for free.

Step 3. Set some advanced settings (optional)

For more advanced settings, click options to set some settings such as encryption, backup scheduling and email notifications.

Now our backup is ready. Click Backup Now to start the backup immediately. The backup process is depends on many things such as the speed of your internet and also the size of your disk.

Full System Backup with Acronis True Image 2018

You may close the program and the backup process will continue in the background. Thank you for coming and read this how to tutorial. It’s a great experience to try this great cloud backup solution for Windows.

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