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How to Backup Data using Bitcan Cloud Backup

BitCan is a cloud-based database backup and restore service that takes the pain out of data source and system administration. It functions seamlessly across all of your platform or system including: MySQL, MongoDB, and Linux/ Windows servers. It’s exclusive architecture requires no plugin or set up and has zero effect on client performance. All you need is a good internet connection to send the backup to the cloud. This guide will show you how to backup using Bitcan Cloud Backup.

Why Cloud Backup is Important

Since level of digital information keeps growing businesses are facing the task of protecting this data from unauthorized access and use. Data back-up is one of the way that will help businesses in producing sure their mission vital data is obtainable and available when and where necessary. Onsite data backup that is traditional method of data safety is quickly becoming outdated replaced by online cloud based data backup that’s highly reliable and cost effective. Cloud structured data back again offers enormous benefits in comparison on traditional method of backups like higher level of reliability , simplicity, data security, flexibility, data prioritization and reassurance.

Most of the cloud data back-up solutions provides incremental data backups which means if you make adjustments to any of your files that changes will shop automatically through incremental data backup process. This will save you from large amount of time and attempts in conditions to performing same duties every single day.

How to Backup Data using Bitcan Cloud Backup

Step 1. Login or Register New Account

First, log in to Bitcan Web Management Console. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register a new one and get 30 days trial.

Step 2. Add your Computer/Server

To add a new computer/server to backup, go to Server section and click Download Agent. Select Windows or Linux based on your OS you want to backup. On this tutorial, I use Windows laptop, so I need to download Windows agent.

Save the compressed zip file to your download directory. Extract it and then install it by double clicking the Install.bat file. Follow on screen installation wizard until completed. Once completed, you should see your computer listed on the Bitcan web management console.

backup using bitcan cloud backup

As you can see my new computer is now listed there.

Step 3. Create new Backup task

After we add new server/computer to the console, we can start creating new backup. Click Backups and then click BACKUP button to add new backup task.

Enter new name for the backup, and then select your computer from the backup location list. Next, specify which folders or files you want to backup.

Step 4. Backup Scheduling and Email Notification

Scroll down to specify the backup schedule and email notification

Click Save Backup to save the configuration. Now you should see your new backup task is listed on the Dashboard page.

We can start the backup immediately. Click on the backup task and then click Backup Now

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